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Last Words of Notable People --
Final Words of More than 3500 Noteworthy People Throughout History

ISBN: 9780976532583
LC: 2010906738 (Released: September 2010)
Price: $ 27.95 (retail)

Last Words.
Quotations Dictionaries.
Death--Quotations, maxims, etc.
DC: 808.8; LC: PN6328.L3 B7 2010

680 Pages (includes bibliographic references and index)
7" x 10"(Trade Paper)

Last Words of Notable People (2010) is a comprehensive core reference work on "last words," "dying words" or "famous last words".
A work of unprecedented scope and study...Covering the final utterances of noted people over the span of thousands of years and the entire globe; each person is presented with a relevant biographical treatment. Each entry is meticulously documented, citing best sources available. Connection or relation of cited sources to entries are presented. Accuracy or veracity of reputed "last words" is often questioned. Conflicting variations of reported "last words" for many entries are presented for the purpose of further research. Contains a detailed selected annotated bibliography of significant "last word" sources. Well indexed. The conclusion of more than a dozen years work and consultation of tens of thousands of sources, Last Words of Notable People is far and away the definitive compilation and treatment of recorded "last words" compiled to date. Highly recommended for libraries and reference collections
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Reviews and Comments:
VLOGBROTHERS / John Green (author of Looking For Alaska) YouTube video -- GEEKING OUT over the book Last Words of Notable People: "Beckoning of Lovely info: In which John goes completely nuts over the publication of the brilliant reference source LAST WORDS OF NOTABLE PEOPLE, which includes the last words of everyone from William Faulkner to Robert Frost to Benjamin Franklin, and which you, too, can own: (And no, they did not pay me to make this video. I just GEEK OUT OVER THE LAST WORDS OF FAMOUS PEOPLE, as you already know if you've read Looking for Alaska." - John Green (vlogbrothers)

Over 350,000 views!
Make Your Point
(June 2015) Last Words of Notable People was featured in a game on Make You Point-- a free daily email that teaches vocabulary, helping you say exactly what you mean with no wasted words. If you love words -- you will love Make Your Point. I look forward to reading it every day. Here is a sample: Make Your Point Do not forget to subscribe: Sign up here! Educating and Entertaining!

From Make Your Point (June 1, 2015) "This game is based on the excellent reference book titled Last Words of Notable People, compiled with great care and incredible thoroughness by William B. Brahms. Definitely think about picking up a copy if this game piques your interest this month..."

Reader's Digest
(November 15, 2012) Last Words of Notable People was featured in Reader's Digest Recommends. "Readers Digest Recommends. Each week, our editors -- along with other book lovers we know -- point you to three fresh titles that are definitely worth your time." On November 15th-- Last Words of Notable People was spotlighted on Readers Digest's homepage. Read the full text here: "Not-So-Famous Last Words" by Chuck Davis
the Atlantic
(October 12, 2012) Last Words of Notable People was featured in The Atlantic in a column. "Last words are often disputed. The sources for all of these are in Bill Brahms's excellent volume , and are generally taken from autobiographies or first-hand accounts in published interviews -- I didn't include any that fall into the "doubtful" category that Bill sometimes encountered. If you're curious about a specific source, check out Bill's book." Read the full text here: Surprise Me: Legendary Entertainers Last Words
(October 2012) Last Words of Notable People was featured in mental_floss in a column by Chris Higgins. "(Last Words of Notable People)is notable not just as an amazing reference (this is a big book!), but as a reference book promoted by former mental_floss writer John Green." Read the full text here: The Surprising Last Words of 11 Entertainers
ARBA ( American Referene Boooks Annual 2011 ) / ARBAonline (2011) -- "The most comprehensive, authoritative database for quality reviews of print and electronic reference works."--
"This compilation ( Last Words of Notable People) of "famous last words" emphasizes accuracy and the authority of the sources for quotations. The result is a useful, thorough, browsable, and entertaining resource...C. Bernard Ruffin's Last Words: A Dictionary of Deathbed Quotations (see ARBA 1996, entry 95) remains a valuable resource, but 15 years have passed since its publication. Related works...devote only limited space to "last words."" -- Steven W. Sowards

Last Words of Notable People (2011) by William B. Brahms ( 680 pages ):
- 3600+ entries (5000-plus quotations) including all known variations and versions available, translations and detailed discussion -- all entries fully cited.
A Dictionary of Deathbed Quotations (1995) by C. Bernard Ruffin ( 260 pages ):
- 2033 entries, (2000-plus quotations) does not include variations and versions, nor translations. Indicates that it includes many reconstructed and indirect quotes. Short biogrphical data -- only 1/3 of entries are cited.
Amazon Top 100 Bestsellers's List (December 21, 2011). A large spike in sales on December 21, 2011 allowed Last Words of Notable People to enter the Top 100 Bestselling Books on Amazon for a couple days. It got as high as #80 overall of all books on Amazon on December 21st.
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KIRKUS (Feb. 1, 2011) William B. Brahms and Last Words of Notable People are subject of full page "Kirkus Q & A" article in Kirkus Reviews p.228.
CHOICE (Feb. 1, 2011) Choice - Current Reviews for Academic Libraries:
" Here is one-stop shopping for those curious about the final known remarks of famous (or infamous) persons throughout the history of the Western world. The compiler, an experienced librarian, has generated a work that he no doubt has wished for many times...Questionable ("Doubtful") findings are noted, as are "Variations" of similar or translated words...Most libraries serving the general public will need access to this work, and likely use it more than they imagined." -- D. G. Davis Jr.
Booklist (Jan. 1 & 15, 2011) Booklist Editor's Choice/ALA-Midwinter Conference Issue:
"This collection is more eclectically international and includes more entries than Edward Le Comte's Dictionary of Last Words (1955), with its American and European emphases...Brahms provides interesting and sometimes informative final biographical tidbits...This specialty niche resource complements numerous biographical compendiums" - James Rettig
(Sept. 24, 2010) Rory Litwin, Publisher (Library Juice Press)
" It ( Last Words of Notable People ) is much more than a complement to his previous book,Notable Last Facts, and more likely to find extensive use as a part of a reference collection... I would call the book a big achievement. Kudos to Bill. " -- Rory Litwin Library Juice"

(Sept. 16, 2010) Robert K. Elder (author of Last Words of the Executed ):
"Last words matter because they cannot be taken back. But history and accuracy also matter -- which is why William B. Brahms' meticulously researched Last Words of Notable People is such a necessary, captivating volume. He debunks some famous last words and mines the culture for moving final thoughts in this painstakingly annotated, infinitely readable book. Try putting it down, just try." -- Robert K. Elder, author Last Words of the Executed"

KIRKUS (Sept. 13, 2010) Kirkus Reviews:

"...Nathan Hale...Oscar Wilde...are among the intriguing and error-evading factoids that librarians, writers and editors will glean in this well-organized, meticulously researched reference tome. In each alphabetically... ordered article, Brahms includes an engaging biographical snippet complete with circumstances of death, lists every attested version of the subject's last spoken and written thoughts (with full source citations) and politely tags apocryphal quotations as "doubtful." The more than 3,500 entries run the gamut...The book rewards the casual reader as much as the professional fact-finder or trivia junkie...An information-packed reference for writers and researchers, and an addictive, thought-provoking browse for ordinary mortals."


(Aug. 23, 2010) Death Reference Desk:

"...Last Words of Notable People especially excels at being unequivocal about ambiguity. It documents not only last words and their variations, but also completely different quotes when applicable. It also includes well-known last-word contrivances, clearly marked as "doubtful" in the text.

The book claims to be "the most authoritative compilation of Last Words ever assembled." In a nice twist of honest, functional scholarship, its authority does not derive from claiming settled truth, but by acknowledging and sourcing the contradictions. While Brahms has necessarily made interpretive decisions regarding the content -- what to include, omit, call "doubtful" and so forth -- the reader is presented with evidence and citations for further investigation...

Suffice it to say, the depth of research that was required for this work is staggering, as is the potential range of inquiry it will assist and inspire, as historians investigate not only what people said, but all the ways in which last words are remembered, misheard and completely made up.

This death librarian is sold.

...Bottom line for Academic and Large Public Libraries: For as comprehensive it is,
Last Words of Notable People is undeniably a niche resource. But the historians and biographers and general weirdoes who run across it will flip out and fall in love as they discover -- confirm, deny and further complicate -- the final words of the famous."

For full review: "Last Words" Scholarly at Last


Notable Last Facts --
A Compendium of Endings, Conclusions, Terminations and Final Events Throughout History

ISBN: 978-09765325-0-7
LC: 2005901194
Price: $ 145.00 (retail) LIBRARY SPECIAL $47.50 Subjects:
Encyclopedias and dictionaries.
DC22: 031.02; LC: AG5.B73 2005
848 Pages (includes bibliographic references and index)
7" x 10"(hardback/cloth-- Smyth-sewn)
100% Acid-Free Paper; 90% Recycled Paper(50% post consumer waste, processed 50% chlorine-free) Special $9.95

Everyone Agrees!:

"This extensive compilation is a groundbreaking core reference work for libraries of all kinds...a resource that will be heavily used by students, librarians, historians, authors, news writers, and others. Highly Recommended -- All Levels."
-- A.E. Bonnette, University of Louisiana at Lafayette; CHOICE October 2005 and ChoiceReviews Online
[CHOICE is published by the American Library Association]

"This unique work serves as a reference bookend to Joseph Nathan Kane's classic, Famous First Facts (5th ed., Wilson, 1998)...Similar to the diligent solo work of Joseph Nathan Kane, William B. Brahms has done a remarkable job in compiling this volume on his own. He is a librarian, after all, and his work should make our profession very proud! An outstanding source, this unique ready reference work is highly recommended for both public and academic libraries."
-- Donald Altschiller ( Booklist / November 15, 2005)
[Booklist is published by the American Library Association]

"This informative book is recommended for reference desks at public and academic libraries. It is also a very interesting read for those with trivial pursuits."
-- Sigrid Kelsey, Reference Librarian, Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge; Reference & Users Service QuarterlyWinter 2005, (formerly RQ)
, [RUSQ is the official journal of the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) of the American Library Association]

"Well organized, well researched, and informative. It would be a good addition to a reference collection."
-- Emily Barton, Reference Librarian, Michigan State University; American Reference Books Annual (ARBA) 2006 and ARBAonline
[ARBA and ARBAonline is published by Libraries Unlimited]

"For the fact-hound, this one won't be a letdown. Packed with more factoids than a game of Trivial Pursuit, and enormously addictive."
-- Kirkus Discoveries
[Kirkus Discoveries is published by VNU eMedia Inc.]

"Comprehensive, well organized and easy-to-use, this book is an impressive work of research by librarian William B. Brahms...While all of the entries are extremely informative, some of the entries are fascinating...This accessible and quick check reference is veritable goldmine for librarians, writers, and anyone with an inquisitive mind."
-- Bowker's Bookwire

"Meticulously researched, immensely fascinating and easy to use. It's amazing that no one has thought of this topic sooner. Brahms has masterfully accomplished the task of being the first to document "lasts"--the often overlooked milestones of history. Bravo!"
-- Linda Devlin, Project Manager, New Jersey Statewide Reference Center (2001-04)

"A stellar achievement and a groundbreaking reference work. This belongs in every library, right next to Kane's Famous Firsts."
-- Alka Bhatanagar, Project Manager, New Jersey Statewide Reference Center (2004-06)

"This book is unique. Americans are always interested in who was first, or who is first. Mr. Brahms has taken a different approach. In a very interesting book, he details hundreds and hundreds of famous lasts. A great book for general interest and an excellent reference book that should be on the shelves of any library. *****
-- Larry J. Danks, Author, Your Unfinished Life

"A core reference for all libraries. 16,000+ facts expertly researched and presented. Highly Recommended by Choice and Booklist. Appropriate for middle school and up"
-- PMA -- the Independent Book Publishers Association.

"A truly innovative reference"
-- Baker & Taylor's Forecast, June 2005

Distinctions, Honors, and News

** Achievements in Reference Publishing -- "Best Addition to the Trivia Shelf" **
Booklist 2005 Editors' Choice Issue, January 1 & 15, 2006; p.159

** RUSA -- Outstanding Reference Source Nominee 2006 **

** Listed as a recommendation for library collections in Reference Sources for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries , ed. by Jack O'Gorman, 7th Edition, 2008, American Library Association**

**Listed as a recommendation for library collections in Public Library Catalog, Supplement to the 12th Edition, 2006 ; H.W. Wilson **

** Listed as a recommendation for library collections in Senior High School Catalog, Supplement to the 16th Edition, 2006 ; H.W. Wilson **

** Among the top 10 titles on the list of most widely held "vade-mecums" in OCLC's WorldCat as of February 2007**

** Selected as the Maine State Library Reference of the Month in June 2008**

Paper Cuts - Topeka and Shawnee Public Library Staff Picks
"Browse trivial facts about every subject imaginable or locate hard-to-find information in this unique source."

Maine State Library "Resource of the Month" (June 2008)
Notable Last Facts: A Compendium of Endings, Conclusions, Terminations, and Final Events Throughout History
Here is a one-of-a-kind reference...a browser's delight, and were collected from an extensive array of sources over a 10-year period. An expanded table of contents in the front is included. Check out the 30-page bibliography at the end!"

Random Acts of Information--Des Moines Public Library (May 22, 2008)
"The 'first' of something is usually not too hard to find. First airplane, first antibiotic, first appearance of the Beatles in the US. But what about the last of things? Aha! Hadn't thought of that, had you? Well-rounded library system that we are, we can work with the lasts as well as the firsts. Let's pick some at random. Last U.S. president to wear knee britches at his inauguration: James Monroe. Stylin' as usual. Last date of the comic strip Bloom County: August 6, 1989. Can it really be that long ago? Shirley Jackson's last completed novel (which I HIGHLY recommend): We Have Always Lived in the Castle 1963. And where did I find all this you ask? Why, in the handy-dandy reference book Notable Last Facts."

Eye Opener - Northwest Iowa Library System (June 26, 2006)
"No doubt many libraries own Famous First Facts by Joseph Kane, a long-standing reference book that's been a popular purchase for years. And while reference collections aren't what they used to be, here's a new title that's being touted to stand alongside Kane's First Facts. It's Notable Last Facts: Compiled by William Brahms (a librarian, by the way) it's published by Reference Desk Press. Think about those obscure answers needed to settle a bet. Maybe your library holds "Stump the Reference Staff" contests..."

Academia -- "New and Noteworthy" (March 2006)
Academia -- an online magazine and resource for academic librarians
published by YBP Library Services -- a Baker & Taylor Company [Baker & Taylor is the book distributor to American libraries]

From the Reference Desk (Blog) (February 23, 2006) (Reference Book Reviews by Charlie G. of upstate NY)
"Once in awhile you see a ref title you want partly just because it looks like fun, and so I was happy to see our copy of Notable Last Facts by William Brahms come in. A clever companion to the well known Famous First Facts, Brahms' book tells you about 'last things.'"

From the (Blog) (February 16, 2006) (Reference Book Reviews)
"a useful and unique reference book."

Library Juice (Blog) -- Reference Book of the Day (February 16, 2006) (Daily Reference Book Reviews by Rory Litwin, publisher of Library Juice)
"The book is an unusual compilation of facts through an interesting avenue...a useful and unique reference book."

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